Company Profile

C&K Johnson Industries, Inc. – founded and headquartered in Northern California in 1982, is a full-service manufacturing firm engaged in structural steel fabrication for bridge construction and corrugated/spiral pipe and post-tensioning duct production.

Our activities encompass a range of standard and custom-designed products for highway and heavy civil applications. We have the equipment and know-how in our 200,000 square foot plant to burn (oxy-acetylene and plasma) roll, break, blast, shear, punch, form, and coat steel into virtually any precision-engineered product.

Johnson Industries is also one of the largest manufacturers of spiral steel multi-strand post-tensioning duct in North America. Our post-tensioning duct is found in scores of prestigious bridges and civil engineering structures throughout the U.S. and Canada.

All duct is delivered to the jobsite or precasting yard in specified lengths and is coupled on site. Johnson Industries’ automated equipment; high production capacity, responsive service and prompt delivery assure our continued leadership in this important market.

Our Certifications

  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
  • NCSPA-National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
  • AWS-American Welding Society (Certified Welding Fabricator)
  • AISC-American Institute of Steel Construction